About Us


Mediatrix Educational Services Limited is a legally registered agency in Nigeria. We are known for placement of students into Colleges/Universities in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Hungary and Turkey. As one of the fastest growing and leading agencies in Nigeria, we also represent institutions in Dubai-United Arab Emirates, Caribbean, France, Portugal/Spain and Russia and we represent over 80 institutions in these countries.

Mediatrix Educational Services Limited came to be as a result of the need and passion in assisting and guiding parents in removing the stress of searching for schools abroad and meeting up with deadlines.

Our responsibility and commitment to students taking up the University Preparatory Courses does not end with securing their study visa, rather we monitor their progress and welfare at the colleges until they progress to the university for their bachelor degree.

About us

Mediatrix Educational Services Ltd was incorporated in 2009 and duly commence business in 2010. Our team is made up of talented individuals who are result oriented and are desirous of meeting up with students’ need s regarding obtaining admission overseas and at the same time securing visas. Our services are made easy, we not only guide and advice potential students and parents; we carry them along through all the stages of admissions and obtaining visas.

We and our students are close-knitted and we both have friendly relationships. This accounts for more reasons why we get more referrals from our students placed in different countries. we give quality advice to students leaving them make decisions about their choice of course and study destinations. However, we look into their situations by listening and asking them questions, looking into their academic credentials and make suggestions to them on courses we feel they will do better, though final decision is theirs.

We look into each client financial circumstances and recommend schools accordingly. So at Mediatrix Educational Services Ltd. there is a solution to every student that wants to study abroad at a cost that is economically reasonable. We fast track application to meet up with deadlines.

Our Consultant and Counselors are experts knowledgeable and experienced in Visa processes and requirements as it applies to different countries that we represent their schools. We have been able to develop good relationship with all our foreign partners and from time to time, delegates from these institutions visit our office to interview prospective students and give admission offers to them.

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