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About Mediatrix Educational Services

MEDIATRIX EDUCATIONAL SERVICES LTD was incorporated in 2009 and duly commenced business in 2010.  Our team is made up of talented individuals who are result oriented and is desirous about meeting up with students needs regarding obtaining admissions in overseas and at the same time securing visas. Our services are made easy, we not only guide and advice potential students and parents; we counsel them when they are indecisive about career choice; we carry them along through all the stages of admissions and guide them towards successful visas.

We and our students are close-knitted and we both have friendly relationship, this account for more reasons why we get more referrals from our students placed in different countries.  We give quality advice to students leaving them make decisions about their choice of course and study destinations.  However, we look into their situations by listening to them and asking them questions, and or looking into their academic credentials and make suggestions to them on courses we feel they will do better, though we recognize that the final decision is theirs.  It is not just about going to the best university or college in the world, but about molding and helping students in discovering the right career of their choice and helping them in getting schools in overseas where their talents, skills and intelligent quotient can be developed thereby making them to compete favourably among their contemporaries anywhere in the world.

At Mediatrix Educational Services Ltd, everything about educational and professional attainment is possible because we are passionate about what we do and proud of what we are doing.  We know we are the right link between prospective students and the overseas institutions.  The future and careers of prospective students is our priority and we are ever ready to guide them well.  We give unbiased counseling to our clients and we do not compel them to go to a particular school, ours is to guide and show them the right path for them to make their choice.

Our objective is to ensure there are affordable institutions in overseas for students who comes to Mediatrix with regards to their financial background and capability.  We are open to all and ready to go into partnership with any college or university anywhere in the world that is willing to partner with us provided they assure us of the safety and security of students we placed in their institutions.  The security and welfare of the students we recruit is very important to us because they are the reasons for Mediatrix Educational Services Ltd existence.

MEDIATRIX EDUCATIONAL SERVCIES LIMITTED is a legally registered agency in Nigeria.  We are known for placement of students into Colleges/Universities in UK, U.S.A , CANADA, GERMANY, IRELAND, HUNGARY, BARBADOS, LATVIA, POLAND AND TURKEY.  As one of the fastest growing and leading agencies in Nigeria, we are also representing institutions in  Dubai – United Arab Emirates, Caribbean, France, Portugal, Spain and Russia and we represent over 80 institutions in these countries.  We are opened to having new partnership relationship from institutions that offers quality education as economically reasonable tuition fee who are interested in working with us.

  • Internationally and nationally recognized and accredited by international bodies
  • High and Impressive success rates for visas to different countries
  • Credible and trusted by International Education Provided
  • ICEF Trained Education Counselor/Advisor/Agency
  • Providing Students and Parents with updated visa information from different embassies
  • Guiding/Advising Students to develop the act of writing powerful Statement of Intent
  • Passionate about the success of students with visas and in their career
  • Assist students to secure scholarships where available
  • Advising/Counseling of students and youths in capacity building
  • Counseling students on the need for good conduct and morals while achieving their education ambition.

Do you want to become a Medical Doctor or a Nurse; we have some partner universities in Europe that gives you opportunity to achieve your career aspirations.  Contact us and find out about the universities that have openings for Medicine and Nursing.


  • 364, Herbert Macaulay Way, Veritas House, First Floor, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
  • +2348087355498
  • info@mediatrixeducation.com


View our 2020 Medical prospectus of brochure for an easy to read guide on all of the services offer.